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Pioneering fashion and lifestyle brand, Tengri, is launching a series of curated itineraries inviting intrepid travellers to one of Mongolia’s most remote regions. An exclusive expedition will chart the journey of the luxury sustainable powerhouse, which works to support, preserve and protect indigenous communities, land and wildlife in one of the globe’s most majestic territories.

Tengri’s sustainable practice has enabled over 4,500 nomadic herder families to establish co-operative business practices in the Khangai Mountains of Western Mongolia. Championing the precious fibres of a rare native yak as a sustainable alternative to cashmere, Tengri and its golden fleece can be found in London’s most prestigious locations, from Savile Row to The Savoy’s Royal Suite.  Tengri will now transport travellers to the very root of its story, inviting its guests to be part of a pioneering approach to sustainable luxury travel, a journey to support conservation and to inspire curiosity and dialogue, redefining life’s ‘luxury’ immersions, authentically connecting people, land and animals.

A transformative travel experience is exclusively guided by eco-luxury pioneer and founder of Tengri, Nancy Johnston, joined by an inspiring team of experts, from global pioneers to local gurus, incorporating expedition chefs, wildlife trackers and storytellers. The journey explores the Khangai Mountains, a remote region of Central Mongolia 500 kilometres west of the capital of Ulaanbaatar and home to the ancient Khangai Yak, whose ancestors date back over 10,000 years. Guests will be guided by the team with in-depth and immersive knowledge of the area gained through the first-hand sourcing of sustainable rare fibres for Tengri clothes and interiors.

Two seasonal journeys in April and July 2019 will curate ‘wild’ experiences dictated by the natural elements of the Khangai Mountains. Itineraries will incorporate awe-inspiring encounters with contrasting landscapes, wildlife, people and rugged nature, adventures on foot and hoof, and exploration of the region’s most remote corners. 

Travellers will meet and stay with the nomadic herders who have governed the majestic lands of the Khangai Mountains and the endemic Khangai Yak, enjoying local festivals and traditions, horse racing and camel riding. In a fusion of adventure, culture and culinary delights, with a mountain guide and expedition chef, guests will havebehind-the-scenes access to the Tengri combing season and be part of the gathering of the rare fibres of the semi-wild Khangai yak, where the story begins.

The Tengri experience is fully escorted by the team, with private air transfers and 4×4 ground-travel taking in rarely seen panoramic views of Mongolia’s vast grassland steppes. The journey begins with a private flight from Ulaanbaatar toKarakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, home to the Erdene Zuu Monastery.By land the adventure takes to 4×4, travelling to the Khangai, across the vast pastures of the Orkhon Valley,from the cliffs of the Mini-Gobi, the desert steppes and the Orkhon Falls. 

Arriving in the Khangai Mountains, guests will experience first-hand the nomadic communities’ ancient cultures and values. Accommodation will include a nomadic home-stay and a Tengri-curated yurt-stay, fully furnished with the luxuries of Tengri, from exquisite throws, to blankets and bedding. Guests will spend time and dine with nomadic families, experiencing local delicacies and customs, with Tengri’s expedition chef also adding to the culinary itinerary. For those joining the ‘Spring’ expedition, guests will participate in the annual combing season of the Khangai Yak, collecting its soft precious fibres. For the ‘Summer’ itinerary in July the visit includes the Yak festival, celebrating the existence of the noble beast in a colourful homage.

Beyond the mountains, guests will explore the volcanic terrainofKhorgo-Terkh Tsagaan Lake National Park, hiking the crater of the Khorgo volcano and fishing and swimming in one of Mongolia’s most revered protected lakes. In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to harness the transformative effects of Mongolia’s raw beauty, guests can absorbthe sounds, aromas and awe-inspiring views of the remote Mongolian landscapes. 

The return journey will incorporate the Hustai National Park to experience the magnificence of the endangered Przewalski horses, the last and only rare breed of truly wild Asian horses. The park is home to more than 200 species of birds, and guests can expect to see various species of eagles, vultures and falcons, encountering red deer and steppe marmots during hikes through the lush steppe valleys, rocky ridges and birch forests.The onward journey returns to Ulaanbaatar for a final night at the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, 90 percent of Mongolia is fragile dry-land, with desertification threatening wildlife and biodiversity.Tengri and its partners, including nomadic herder families, local conservationists, specialist travel providers, local and national government, offer its one-of-a-kind bespoke trips centred around the preservation of indigenous communities and wildlife. These exclusive itineraries form part of a wider nature conservancy project in Mongolia and beyond, and will generate income to support wildlife conservation by nomadic herder families in remote Mongolia. Five percent of revenue from every expedition booked will be donated to the WCS to support this work.

Tengri’s social enterprise with nomadic herders helps to address this issue by supporting the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • promoting sustainable economic growth,
  • ensuring sustainable production patterns,
  • protecting and promoting sustainable natural ecosystems use,
  • combating desertification through its global partnerships for sustainable development.

‘Tengri Travels’ 10-night Mongolia Itinerary starts from £26,500 per person with specialist tour operator Essential Escapes. To book visit www.essentialescapes.comor call 020 7788 4242.

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