Posted by: Gallivant on 10 July 2013

Gallivant hit the private view of British photographer Miles Aldridge last night – a showcase of his high voltage work and book launch ‘I just want you to love me’. A cocktail of glamour, disconnect and sadness in a collection of colour saturated eye candy! Highly recommend a visit to Somerset House to take it in July 10 – September 29.

‘These women aren’t blank because they have nothing to say,’ Aldridge says. ‘They are blank because they’re overwhelmed by their world. When somebody is thinking, they look blank. And it’s that moment that I’m trying to capture. When somebody looks lost in thought they’re vulnerable, and you’re able to intrude on that privacy and take a photograph that captures this human being using their brain, trying to clarify how they got to this position. Why are they at the sink washing up, or in the playground pushing a swing with no child in it? To me, the great moments in Hollywood are close-ups of a woman’s face, thinking, and she’s just realised that her whole world is wrong.’


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